This topic describes how to query the quota usage of a cloud resource in the Server Load Balancer (SLB) console. If the remaining quota of a resource cannot meet your business requirements, you can apply for a quota increase.

Apply for a quota increase

  1. Log on to the Server Load Balancer console.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose SLB Lab > Quota Management.
  3. On the Quota Management page, you can view the usage of the SLB resources and the privileges of your account.
  4. To apply for a quota increase, click Submit Application in the Actions column.
    • Requested Value: the number of resources that you require. The number must be greater than the current quota. For more information about the quotas of SLB resources, see Limits.
    • Reason: the reasons for the application, including business scenarios and necessity.
    • Email: the email address of the applicant.
  5. Click OK.
    The system reviews your application. You can check whether your application is approved based on the application status: Rejected or Approved. After your application is approved, the quota is raised to the specified quantity.

    You can click History in the Actions column to view the application history.

What do I do if the number of instances is insufficient?

If you need more guaranteed-performance instances but the number of instances has reached the quota, you can apply for a quota increase.

Click Submit Application in the Actions column corresponding to the slb_privilege_allow_more_guaranteed_performance_instances privilege.

This privilege allows you to apply for more guaranteed-performance instances, but you cannot apply for more shared-performance instances.