Before you use the upload SDK for Android, you must configure a project. This topic describes how to configure a project.


Android 2.3 or later is used.

Import the upload SDK

You can import the upload SDK by adding Maven dependencies or importing on-premises JAR dependencies.

  • Maven dependencies
    1. Add the following dependencies to a Maven project:
      dependencies {
          compile ''
    2. Add the URL of a Maven repository to the build.gradle file in the root directory.
      allprojects {
          repositories {
              maven { url "" }
    3. Install Object Storage Service (OSS) SDK for Android. For more information, see Installation.
  • On-premises JAR dependencies
    1. Download the upload SDK for Android provided by ApsaraVideo VOD. For more information, see SDK download. Decompress the SDK and import the following JAR packages in the libs directory to the libs directory of the project: aliyun-vod-upload-android-sdk-xxx.jar, gson-xxx.jar, and jsr305-xxx.jar.
    2. Install OSS SDK for Android. For more information, see Installation.