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Direct Mail:Simplified Procedure of Configuring Email Delivery

Last Updated:Jan 03, 2023

This topic describes the simplified procedure of configuring email delivery by DirectMail.

Please check Overview if you need specific operation method.

Simplified Procedure

Step 1 Configure sending domain name

Please try to perform "automatic configuration" if you buy domain name from Alibaba Cloud. And please use "manual configuration" if you buy domain name from a third-party platform.

Option 1: Automatic configuration: Grant permissions for DirectMail to perform DNS resolution on your domain name. Please jump to step 4 if the operation is successful. And it means your domain name does not meet the conditions if the operation fails.

Option 2: Manual configuration. Perform the following steps:

Create a subdomain name in DirectMail console. Please purchase a primary domain name if you do not have one.Example: If your primary domain name is, you can use as your subdomain name. xxx is a custom name.Note: In this example, is used in screenshot. You may replace with an actual domain name in actual use.


Step 2 Get record values

Path: DirectMail console---Email Domains---Configure.

The data on this page will be required when you perform DNS resolution on your domain name.


Step 3 Configure domain name resolution

If you purchase the domain name from Alibaba Cloud or the domain name is transferred to Alibaba Cloud, please add 4 records showing on the Domains console in Step 2.

Note: The method is the same to other domain providers, please consult corresponding providers if you have any problem.

a. Domains console---DNS Settings


b. Click on "Add DNS Record".


c. Fill the values obtained from Step 2.


Step 4 Verify domain name resolution

Wait for 20 minutes after configuration, you may log on to the DirectMail console, find Email Domains, then click Verify of your domain name.

Step 5 Create sending address

Create sender address, select the type as required and do not misuse channels.

Triggered Emails: emails that are triggered by events, such as system notification emails including registration notifications, transaction notifications, and password retrieval notifications.

Batch Emails: subscription emails that are sent to members, such as promotional activity emails, customer service emails, and periodical update emails.1

Step 6

You may use DirectMail console to send emails if your email amount is small. Submit a template for approval and upload the email addresses of recipients. After the request is approved, you can send emails.

And it requires technical developers involved if you want to use other delivery methods.