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Direct Mail:Setup Sender Addresses

Last Updated:Sep 26, 2022

This topic describes how to setup sender addresses.

The sender address is the sender email account displayed when you send emails on the DirectMail platform. You can also set a reply-to address to receive replies from recipients. If you want to send emails using SMTP, you must set the SMTP password for the sender address before you can enable the SMTP sending feature.

Create sender addresses

  1. Log on to the DirectMail Console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Sender Addresses.

  3. Click Create Sender Address.

  4. Enter the required information in the dialog box, and click OK.

Create separate sender addresses for triggered emails and batch emails. Select Triggered Emails or Batch Emails based on your business types. Different email types match different email policies. Normal usage of the email account can improve the credit rating of your sender address for recipients and increase the arrival rate.

The reply-to address is used to receive replies. A functioning email address must be filled in as the reply-to address. If no reply-to address is provided, you will be unable to receive replies.Note: If you use SMTP to send emails, the reply-to address provided here is not automatically added. You must manually specify the Reply To value in the SMTP calling program.

create sender address

Verify reply-to addresses

A reply-to address must first be verified to become available.

  1. On the Sender Addresses page, click Verify the reply-to address.

  2. On the dialog box, click Confirm. The verification email is sent to the email address you set as the reply-to address.

  3. Log on to the mailbox. Verify the address by following the prompts in the email.Note: You must complete the reply-to address verification within 10 minutes after triggering the verification procedure. The verification link in the verification email expires after 10 minutes. You can click Verify the reply-to address again after the previous link expires.验证回信地址

Set the SMTP password

You must set an SMTP password for a newly created sender address to enable the SMTP sending feature.

  1. On the Sender Addresses page, click Set SMTP Password.

  2. Enter a password in the dialog box, and then click OK.

smtp pwd