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Direct Mail:Resource Package FAQs

Last Updated:Jul 28, 2023

Some common resource package FAQs:

Will the daily quota be increased after purchasing the resource package?

No.The daily quota of direct mail products is related to the user's historical sending data (invalid address proportion, arrival rate, number of spam reports, etc.), but not to the number of purchased resource packs and the number of mails in the resource packs.

The daily quota will be increased once a week, and it will be increased, reduced or maintained according to the user's historical sending data of the previous week. Please make full use of your initial daily quota of 2000 after activating the direct mail product, and pay attention to the email quality. If you make full use of the current daily quota and the email quality and data are good, your daily quota will be improved.

The policy of setting the initial daily quota and gradually increasing the daily quota for Direct mail is to ensure that the new domain names, sending addresses and IP addresses used by new users are warmed up, and gradually increase the daily mail volume, which is good for you to ensure a high arrival rate.

Purchase Instructions for Direct mail Resource Package

Direct mail resource package is a prepaid sales method. The price is lower than pay as you go. The larger the resource package, the greater the discount. Users can choose to purchase resource packages of different specifications according to business needs.

See Billing Method.

See Purchase Guide.

Valid period of resource package

The purchase duration of resource packages of all specifications, i.e. the validity period, is 6 months.

The validity period of each resource package is calculated independently, and the validity periods of multiple resource packages will not overlap.

After the resource package is used or expired, the remaining traffic does not support subscription cancellation and refund.

Before the resource package is about to expire, the system will trigger SMS, email and in station message notifications. Please pay attention to the expiration reminder and use the resource package in a timely manner.

Email deduction method in resource package

If the purchased resource package is within the validity period, priority will be given to the deduction of the mail volume in the resource package. For multiple resource packages, priority will be given to the deduction when the validity period ends first. When all resource packages are deducted, the deduction will be automatically converted to the volume based method.

If the user has a free credit limit, the free credit limit will not be included in the resource package or volume based billing, and the amount of mail exceeding the free credit limit will incur a fee.

How can I view the status of a resource package?

To view your DirectMail resource package information:

1. Log on to the Billing Management console.

2. In the left-side navigation pane, click Manage Reserved Instances.

3. Select Resource Packages.


4. Select product DirectMail. 3