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Direct Mail:Glossary

Last Updated:Jan 03, 2023

Main account

The Alibaba Cloud account used for activating the DirectMail service.

Email domain

An email domain is the “ID card” for sending emails. It is the extension at the end of sender addresses. Each account must have an email domain.

Email service providers generally collect statistics of the email volume and sending frequency by domains. Reasonable use of email domains helps improve the arrival rate.

We recommend the following best practices:

  • Use a second-level domain to avoid interference with the primary domain.

  • Use different domains for triggered emails and batch emails.

Sender address

A sender address is the Mail From address as indicated by a sent email. We recommend that you create separate sender addresses for triggered emails and batch emails. You can view the data statistics for each address.

Email tag

Email tags are used for tracing different email categories. You can query the data statistics using email tags.

Recipient list

A recipient list is a list of recipient addresses used for sending batch emails. You can create and upload recipient lists.


Templates can be divided into email templates and text message templates. You can edit and preview emails through the email template.

Email templates must be verified.

Daily quota and monthly quota

Daily quota: The quota of email volume sent per day.

Monthly quota: The daily quota*30 days.

The daily quota and monthly quota are upgraded or downgraded on a weekly basis according to the quality of email arrival (arrival rate, invalid address rate, spam email rate, and other statistics).

For more details about the specific rules, see Product rules.