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Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017

Multiple email sending methods to meet diversified usage needs

  • Using the console: You can manage the configurations and send emails in the console. No email account is required in advance, and, if needed, an email account can be created in the console. You can create recipient lists and email templates, send batch emails, and view data statistics.
  • Using the APIs: Sending emails using the APIs is safe and highly extensible. It offers a more convenient development and usage environment.
  • Using SMTP: SMTP is a standardized email sending protocol. Using SMTP to send emails does not require additional interface adaption efforts.

Email settings

On the Email Settings page of the DirectMail console, you can:

  • Create and manage your email domains, sender addresses, email tags, and email templates.
  • Enable IP protection. If IP protection is enabled, only specified IP addresses can send emails. This reduces the risk of emails being sent by a stolen account.
  • Set asynchronous notification. You can receive asynchronous notifications of email delivery results using the Alibaba Cloud Message Service.

Multi-dimensional data statistics

  • You can view the email requests, emails sent successfully, emails failed to send, invalid addresses, arrival rates, and other data statistics.
  • You can view the result of email delivery in time based on the tag-based data statistics.
  • You can view the email reads, clicks, read rates, click rates, and other tracking data.

Additional email services

  • The recipient list feature helps facilitate management of your recipient lists.
  • The email template feature allows you to personalize your emails.
  • The email queuing and scheduling mechanisms help improve overall email delivery efficiency and arrival rate.