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Email sending FAQs

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

Some common email sending FAQs:

How to send emails?

You can send emails using the following three methods:

What types of email can be sent by DirectMail?

You can send triggered emails and batch emails by DirectMail.

  • Triggered emails: Emails that are triggered by events, such as registration notifications, transaction notifications, password retrieval, system alarms or other system notifications.
  • Batch emails: Subscription emails sent to members, such as product promotions, customer service emails or periodical news. Commercial emails as permitted by the recipients can be sent. The source of recipient addresses must be registered by the members, and the email content must be subscribed to by the recipients explicitly. Spam emails are not allowed.

Are attachments supported in emails?

Attachments in emails are only supported when using SMTP. They are not supported by the DirectMail console, API, or SDK. For more information about SMTP and attachments, see How can I send emails with attachments using SMTP?

Why is port 25 of SMTP service unavailable?

Port 25 is currently disabled to maintain ECS security.

If your sending application is deployed on Alibaba Cloud ECS, we recommend that you use port 80 if SSL is unchecked, or port 465 if SSL is checked.

Why is my email tagged as spam?

Some specific words or expressions may unintentionally cause your email to be tagged as spam. To resolve this issue, we recommend that you modify the content of your email and send the updated content as a test email to check if the updated content is still flagged as spam.