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Domain name operation

Last Updated: May 27, 2020

Set the password for the SMTP of the domain name


ModifyPWByDomain interface is used for Set the password for the SMTP of the domain name

Request parameters

Name Type Required? Description
DomainName String Required domain name
Password String Required password

For other request parameters, see Public parameters.

Return parameters

For more information about public return parameters, see Public parameters.

Error codes

Error code Description HTTP status code Meaning
InvalidDomainPassword.Malformed Incorrect password format 400 The password format is incorrect.
InvalidDomainPassword.equalcurrent Repeat with current password 400 Cannot repeat with current password.
InvalidDomainName.Malformed Incorrect domain name format 400 The domain name format is incorrect.
InvalidDomain.NotFound The specified domain name does not exist. 400 The domain name does not exist.
InvalidDomainStatus.Malformed Incorrect domain status 400 The domain status is incorrect.
InvalidDomainId.Malformed Incorrect domain ID 400 The domain ID is incorrect.