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Create email templates

Last Updated: Sep 26, 2017

You can create, edit, or delete email templates, or submit templates for verification on the template management page.

Template list

The template list displays the name, status, creation time and operation item of all your templates.

The template status can be “draft”, “verification passed”, or “verification failed”. Templates are not usable until DirectMail operation personnel have verified the template. Click Submit for Review, and you can submit templates in draft status for verification.


Create a template

  1. Log on to the DirectMail console.

  2. On the left-side navigation pane, click Email Templates.

  3. Click Create Email Template. The template creation page opens.

  4. Enter the required parameters for a template, and then click Save.
    New templates are saved as drafts. You can edit or delete a draft template, or submit it for verification.
    The following variables can be used in the email template. These variables correspond to parameters in the recipient list.
    • Replace the recipient’s email address with {EAddr}.
    • Replace the recipient’s real name with {UserName}.
    • Replace the recipient’s nickname with {NickName}.
    • Replace the appellation for the recipient (Mr. or Mrs.) with {Gender}.
    • Replace the recipient’s birthday with {Birthday}.
    • Replace the recipient’s mobile phone number with {Mobile}.

      new template

      Currently the email template does not support inserting local images. It only supports inserting image URLs that are allowed for outbound links by the network. You can save images in an online album or similar services to generate a URL to be added to the mail template.

  5. Submit the created template for verification. Generally, template verification takes up to three working days. If templates fail the verification, you can edit and submit them again for verification.

Note: 10 email templates can be create for each ID. The templates can be edited but not deleted. If the template is edited, you must submit it for verification again before you can use it.