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Direct Mail:Billing methods

Last Updated:Jul 18, 2023

Direct Mail products (DirectMail) are billed based on the amount of emails sent. Currently, there are two payment methods: resource package and pay-as-you-go.

  • Email volume: refers to the total number of emails sent by the Direct Mail for users.

  • An email is defined as an email communication sent to an email address. A single e-mail communication sent to multiple recipients will be considered as sending one message to each recipient separately.

  • Billing range: emails that are successfully received are billed regardless of the success or failure of delivery to the recipient's email system. Delivery failures caused by our system exceptions will not be included in the billing scope.

Special billing instructions:

  1. The console classifies the real delivery results, one of which is an invalid address, this is a real delivery, which is charged.

  2. The console classifies invalid addresses to facilitate users to remove them from the recipient list and reduce the generation of invalid addresses. The system will also automatically put the address that has been judged as invalid for multiple deliveries into the invalid address library. If the address is in the invalid address library when the user sends another email, the incoming email will be rejected, which is not charged.

Resource packages

  • resource package is the subscription method. The resource package takes effect immediately after the purchase is successful.

  • Duration: 6 months. The validity period of each resource package is calculated independently. Multiple resource package validity periods are not superimposed.

  • Deduction method: If the purchased resource package is within the validity period, the mail volume within the resource package is deducted first. Multiple resource package are deducted based on the first end of the validity period. When all resource package are deducted, the deduction is automatically converted to the pay-as-you-go billing method.

  • After the resource package is used or the resource package expires, the remaining traffic cannot be unsubscribed or refunded.


Quota (messages)

resource package Specifications (emails)

Price (USD)

Subscription period

Discount Amount over Pay-As-You-Go (USD)

50,000 emails

USD 13.05

6 months

> USD 1.45

500,000 emails

USD 121.8

6 months

> USD 23.2

1 million emails

USD 230.55

6 months

> USD 59.45

5 million emails

USD 1123.75

6 months

> USD 326.25


Pay-as-you-go is a pay-as-you-go billing method. You are charged based on the actual usage. The unit price is total sent emails/1000 * USD 0.29. This billing method does not need to be actively activated. When the quota within the resource package is used up, it is automatically transferred to pay-as-you-go.

The formula is: Pay-as-you-go=Email volume /1000 * USD 0.29 
The fee is accurate to two decimal places, that is, the minimum bill amount is USD 0.01. 

Free quota

Each Alibaba Cloud account of the Direct Mail is entitled to send a total of 2000 free emails, with a maximum of 200 free emails per day.

If the user has a free email sending quota, the free quota will not be included in the resource package or pay-as-you-go billing range. If the amount of mail exceeds the free quota, fees will be incurred.