The following table lists the API operations that are available for use in Dedicated Host (DDH).

API Description
AllocateDedicatedHosts Creates one or more subscription dedicated hosts. DDH provides dedicated physical resources for each tenant. You can create Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances on a dedicated host and view the specifications of the physical server on which the dedicated host resides.
CreateDedicatedHostCluster Creates a dedicated host cluster.
DescribeDedicatedHostClusters Queries the details of one or more dedicated host clusters.
ModifyDedicatedHostClusterAttribute Modifies some attributes of a dedicated host cluster, such as its name and description.
DeleteDedicatedHostCluster Deletes a dedicated host cluster.
DescribeDedicatedHostTypes Queries the details of dedicated host types supported in a region, or the ECS instance families supported by a specific dedicated host type.
DescribeDedicatedHosts Queries the details of one or more dedicated hosts, including the physical performance metrics, virtual machine code, usage status, and ECS instance list.
DescribeDedicatedHostAutoRenew Queries the auto-renewal status of one or more subscription dedicated hosts.
ModifyDedicatedHostAttribute Modifies the information of a dedicated host, including the name, description, and instance migration policy that is applied if the dedicated host fails.
ModifyDedicatedHostAutoRenewAttribute Enables or disables auto-renewal for one or more subscription dedicated hosts.
ModifyDedicatedHostAutoReleaseTime Sets or cancels an automatic release time for a pay-as-you-go dedicated host.
ModifyInstanceDeployment Changes the dedicated host of an ECS instance. The ECS instance and the dedicated host must be in the same region.
ModifyDedicatedHostsChargeType Changes the billing method of dedicated hosts.
ReleaseDedicatedHost Releases a pay-as-you-go dedicated host.
RenewDedicatedHosts Renews one or more subscription dedicated hosts.
RedeployDedicatedHost Migrates instances from a faulty dedicated host.