This topic describes the basic concepts about Dedicated Host (DDH).

Dedicated host

A cloud host with dedicated physical resources. The resources on the physical server are exclusive to one tenant. The dedicated host is isolated from other tenants at the physical machine level. For more information, see What is DDH.


An Alibaba Cloud account allows multiple RAM user accounts and has full permissions to use all the physical resources of the dedicated hosts. For more information, see What is RAM?.

Dedicated host types

The specifications of a dedicated host include the physical CPU model, number of cores, number of CPUs (number of sockets), local storage, the number of virtual CPUs (vCPUs), and memory. You can select a dedicated host type based on its supported ECS instance family. The ECS instance families supported by dedicated hosts are inherited from the ones supported by the shared hosts. For more information, see Dedicated host types.


The physical location of the data center where the physical server of a dedicated host is located. For more information, see Regions and zones.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

A basic cloud computing service provided by Alibaba Cloud. For more information, see What is ECS?.

ECS instance

A cloud server that is created on a shared host or a dedicated host. An instance is equivalent to a virtual machine and it includes basic computing components such as CPU, memory, operating system, network, and disk. For more information, see Overview.

ECS console

The ECS console is the Web interface for managing ECS and DDH resources.