This topic describes the payment methods that apply when you purchase dedicated hosts and the billing methods of related resources.

Purchase channels

You can use the ECS console or call the AllocateDedicatedHosts API operation of DDH to purchase a dedicated host.

Billing of dedicated hosts and the related resources

Before you can use a dedicated host, you must create the dedicated host and create one or more ECS instances on the dedicated host. The following table lists the billing methods of the related resources.
Resource Type Billing method Pricing
DDH When you create a dedicated host, you must pay for the physical resources of the dedicated host.
  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Local disks (if the dedicated host uses local SSDs)
Subscription: You must pay for a dedicated host before you can use it. The price of a dedicated host varies based on the following factors:
  • Dedicated host types: the configurations of dedicated hosts.
  • Region: the geographical location of the data center where the physical server of the dedicated host is located.

For pricing about dedicated hosts, go to the Dedicated Host section on the Pricing tab of the ECS product page.

ECS instances on dedicated hosts In addition to CPU, memory, and local disks, ECS also provides resources such as images, disks, public bandwidth, and snapshots. You must pay for images, disks, public bandwidth, and snapshots when you create an ECS instance on a dedicated host. The billing method depends on resource types. For more information, see Billing overview. The pricing depends on resource types. For more information, see Billing overview.

Payment methods

You can pay for subscription dedicated hosts by using the following methods:
  • Use the credit card or PayPal account that is associated with your Alibaba Cloud account. For more information, see Add a payment method.
  • Use the coupons that are available for dedicated hosts under your account.
    Note To check whether a coupon can be used for the purchase of dedicated hosts, follow these steps: Log on to the Billing Management console. In the left-side navigation pane, click Coupons. On the page that appears, find the target coupon, and view the applicable scenarios in the Applicable Products column.