The following table lists API operations available for use in Anti-DDoS Origin. For more information, see related documentation.

Notice The API operations of Anti-DDoS Origin are available only for Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instances. Before you call the following operations, make sure that you have purchased an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance. For more information, see Purchase an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance.

On-demand instance management

On-demand instances protect servers in on-premises data centers outside China and cloud assets based on CIDR blocks. For more information, see Assets.

Operation Description
DescribeOnDemandInstance Queries the information about on-demand instances.
ModifyOnDemaondDefenseStatus Modifies the protection status of an on-demand instance.
DescribeTopTraffic Queries the top N IP addresses that reroute the most traffic among on-demand instances in a specific period.