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How do different Alibaba Cloud accounts share DDoS Premium

Last Updated: May 19, 2022


This article mainly introduces how different Alibaba Cloud accounts share DDoS Premium under one of the accounts.


Premises for Multi-account Sharing of Anti-DDoS Premium

Log on to the Account Management console and confirm that multiple Alibaba Cloud accounts have been authenticated by the same person or enterprise.

If the real-name authentication is not the same, the real-name authentication needs to be changed.

Multi-account sharing of DDoS Premium

  1. Use this group of accounts to submit a ticket, indicating that you want to share Anti-DDoS Premium under a certain account, and submit the following information. You can obtain the account name and account ID on the security settings page of the Account Management console.
    Shared Anti-DDoS Pro account Account that needs to share Anti-DDoS Premium
    Account Name 1 (Account ID 1) Account Name 2 (Account ID 2)
    Account Name 3 (Account ID 3)
  2. After submitting the ticket, Alibaba Cloud Technical Support will associate the Alibaba Cloud accounts you provide, and then you can use DDoS Premium under one of these Alibaba Cloud accounts.


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