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Anti-DDoS:Billing of Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise

Last Updated:Oct 14, 2023

This topic describes the billing of Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise.

Billable items

Important The prices that are provided in this topic are for reference only. The actual prices on the Anti-DDoS Origin buy page shall prevail.
Billable itemDescriptionBilling methodBilling formula
InstanceThe unit price of an instance varies based on the clean bandwidth that you specify.
Note For more information about how to estimate the clean bandwidth, see Business scale estimation.
SubscriptionTotal fee = [Unit price of the instance + (Number of IP addresses that you want to protect - 100) × Unit price of an IP address that you want to protect] × Subscription duration
IP address that you want to protectThe IP Addresses parameter on the buy page specifies the IP addresses that you want to protect. The unit price is 360 USD per year.

If you want to protect IP addresses across regions, you must create multiple instances.

Handling of overdue payments

An Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance uses the subscription billing method. Therefore, no overdue payments occur for an Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance. Before you can purchase, upgrade, or renew an instance, make sure that your account balance is sufficient. To prevent your services from being adversely affected by instance expiration, we recommend that you enable auto-renewal for your instance.


  1. Log on to the Traffic Security console.

  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Network Security > Anti-DDoS Origin > Instance Management.

  3. Find the instance that you want to renew and click Renew in the Actions column. On the page that appears, configure the Duration parameter and read and select Terms of Service.
  4. Click Buy Now and complete the payment.


After you purchase a subscription Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance, you cannot request a refund for the instance.

Bill query

You can query bills in User Center.

Business scale estimation

You can estimate your business scale by using the following method:

Sample inbound and outbound bandwidth at five-minute intervals. Calculate the average inbound and outbound bandwidth. Use the greater average value as the bandwidth of the sample point. At the end of each month, sort all sample points in descending order, ignore the top 5% of sample points, and then use the first value of the remaining 95% of sample points as the 95th percentile bandwidth.

What happens if the actual clean bandwidth exceeds the clean bandwidth of my Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance?

Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise allows your clean bandwidth to exceed the clean bandwidth of your Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise instance for a short period of time. If the period exceeds 36 hours, best effort protection becomes invalid. Anti-DDoS Origin Enterprise imposes no limit on your clean bandwidth but provides only basic protection.