Security Credibility is a program that is developed by Alibaba Cloud. It provides higher security capabilities and improves user experience. Alibaba Cloud provides users in this program with flexible anti-DDoS protection capabilities based on the security credit scores of the users. You can join Security Credibility for free.

All Alibaba Cloud users are automatically added to the Security Credibility program. The system assigns extra burstable protection capabilities to your asset. The increased protection is an improvement over the original basic protection capability that is provided free of charge. The amount of the extra burstable protection capabilities that you can assign for an asset changes based on several factors. The factors include the number of resources that an anti-DDoS cluster consumes, available resources, attacks history that an asset encounters, and security credit score of an account.

Terms of service

1 You understand and acknowledge that you shall not use the security protection capabilities that you obtain as a member of the Security Credibility program to perform the following operations:

1.1 Provide either paid or free security protection services to others.

1.2 Perform illegal activities or activities that do not comply with the service purposes or procedures based on the information published at or the assessment conducted by Alibaba Cloud.

1.3 Upload, download, or disseminate any of the following information, or assist others in such activities:

1.3.1 Political propaganda and/or news information in violation of China's regulations

1.3.2 Information related to China's state secrets and/or state security

1.3.3 Information related to superstition, obscenity, and/or solicitation to commit a crime

1.3.4 Information related to illegal Internet publishing activities, such as lottery prizes, gambling gaming, private servers, and plug-ins

1.3.5 Information that violates China's ethnic and religious policies.

1.3.6 Information that impacts Internet security

1.3.7 Information about activities that infringe on the legitimate interests of others and/or other activities that disrupt social order, threaten public security, or violate public morals

1.3.8 Other content in violation of laws, regulations, departmental rules, or China's national policies

1.4 Modify, translate, edit, lease, sublicense, or transmit/transfer over networks any software or services provided by Alibaba Cloud, or obtain the source code of the software provided by Alibaba Cloud by means of reverse engineering, decompilation, or other methods.

1.5 Conduct any activities that undermine or attempt to undermine network security. These activities include but are not limited to phishing, attacks, network fraud, injection of or suspected involvement in the spreading of viruses, trojans, and malicious code to websites or cyberspace, and suspected involvement in attack behaviors, such as scanning, sniffing, ARP spoofing, and DDoS, against other websites and servers by using virtual servers.

1.6 Change or attempt to change the system configuration provided by Alibaba Cloud or sabotage network security.

1.7 Use the services provided by Alibaba Cloud to conduct any activities that impair the legitimate interests of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud affiliated companies, or any company or website within Alibaba Group, including but not limited to Alibaba, Taobao, Alipay, Alimama, and Ant Financial (hereinafter collectively referred to as Alibaba Group). The behaviors that impair the legitimate interests of Alibaba Group and websites include but are not limited to violations of any agreement or terms, management norms, or trading rules published by Alibaba Group, and behaviors that damage or attempt to damage the fair-trade environment or normal trade order of Alibaba Group.

1.8 Conduct any other activities in violation of laws, regulations, or the terms of Security Credibility.

1.9 You understand that Alibaba Cloud agrees that you can join this program on the premise of your commitment to abide by the preceding terms. If you violate any of the preceding terms, Alibaba Cloud reserves the right to stop providing you with the services or capabilities related to this program and remove you from this program with prior notice.

2 You understand and acknowledge that Alibaba Cloud has the right to terminate this program at any time based on factors such as Alibaba Cloud business plans and program operations status, without being liable for the related consequences. Alibaba Cloud will inform you of the program termination in advance. After the program is terminated, all services or capabilities that you obtain from this program will be disabled.

3 You understand and acknowledge that you have read the security protection mechanism and the terms of Security Credibility and understand the results of joining this program. You have decided to join this program of your own free will, and shall be liable for the corresponding results.

4 Both Alibaba Cloud and you shall keep your decision about whether to join this program confidential, unless the information has become public or Alibaba Cloud has to reveal the information as otherwise appointed with you, as required by laws and regulations, or as demanded, ordered, or executed by related authorities. You shall keep confidential your security credit score, the corresponding black hole threshold, and related credibility information. If such information is leaked, attackers may launch targeted attacks on your system.

5 Alibaba Cloud may optimize or change the security protection mechanism of this program. Alibaba Cloud will inform you of the changes in advance, and then provide you with the latest versions of services or provide you with services or capabilities based on the latest mechanism. If you do not agree to use the latest mechanism, you can apply to exit the program and terminate the use of services provided by Alibaba Cloud.

6 You understand and acknowledge that the security protection capabilities that you can obtain from the program are provided by a resource pool shared by all members of the program. In standard cases, Alibaba Cloud provides you with security protection capabilities based on your credit score. However, if the members of the program encounter attacks or other malicious events and the resources in the shared resource pool are exhausted, your security protection capabilities may be reduced. The adjusted capabilities will not be lower than the default protection capabilities.

7 Disclaimers and limitation of liability: The security protection that Alibaba Cloud provides for you, a member of the program, is a technical measure. You understand and acknowledge that this technical measure taken by Alibaba Cloud based on the program is regarded as flawless security protection. If Alibaba Cloud does not deliberately undermine your system security or make mistakes in the program, Alibaba Cloud shall not be liable for the protection results.

8 If your websites encounter activities that threaten network security and are not covered by this program, the websites or website services may become unavailable to users for a certain period of time. The activities include but are not limited to viruses, intrusions, and DDoS attacks. You understand and acknowledge that the preceding service unavailability does not indicate a breach of the contract by Alibaba Cloud. If the service unavailability undermines the interests of Alibaba Cloud or affects the communications of Alibaba Cloud, Alibaba Cloud has the right to pause or terminate security protection services that are provided based on the Security Credibility program, without being liable for the results. Alibaba Cloud will inform you of the suspension or termination of protection beforehand.

9 The related rules, norms, and procedures that are published at constitute a part of the terms of service herein. Alibaba Cloud has the right to modify these rules, norms, or procedures at any time, and require you to comply with the latest rules, norms, and procedures.