In the General section of the Properties tab, you can view the basic properties a node, including the name, ID, type, owner, and description. This topic describes the parameters that are used to configure basic properties for a node.

On the DataStudio page, create a node and go to the configuration tab of the node. In the right-side navigation pane of the configuration tab, click the Properties tab. In the General section of the Properties tab, configure basic properties for the node. General
NameThe name that you specify for the node when you create the node. The name cannot be changed.
Node IDThe unique ID of the node. The ID is generated when the node is committed for the first time. The ID cannot be changed.
Node TypeThe node type that you select when you create the node. The node type cannot be changed.
OwnerThe owner of the node. The default owner is the current logon user. You can change the owner based on your business requirements only if you are the workspace administrator.
Note If you change the owner, you can select only a member of the current DataWorks workspace.
DescriptionThe description of the node. You can specify the business information or usage of the node for this parameter.