DataWorks is an end-to-end big data development and governance platform that provides data warehousing, data lake, and data lakehouse solutions based on big data compute engines, such as MaxCompute, Hologres, E-MapReduce (EMR), AnalyticDB, and CDH. Since 2009, DataWorks has been summarizing and improving the big data development methodology of Alibaba Group to support data mid-end building. DataWorks collaborates with public service sectors, state-owned enterprises, customers in various industries, such as finance, retail, Internet, energy, and manufacturing, and the industrial sector to improve data application efficiency and facilitate the digital transformation of industries.

Service architecture

DataWorks has developed and accumulated hundreds of core capabilities for more than ten years. DataWorks provides data modeling, data integration, data development, data governance, data security, and data analysis services. These services provide end-to-end data governance capabilities to help enterprises reduce data processing costs, increase data value, and improve data productivity. For more information about the data modeling, data integration, and data development services, see Overview of Data Modeling, Overview of Data Integration, and Overview of DataStudio. Service architecture

Purchase guide

Note DataWorks supports only Google Chrome 69 and later and the new Microsoft Edge (Chromium) on PCs.
The first time you use DataWorks, we recommend that you follow the instructions provided in this section to purchase features and resources. For more information, see Purchase guide.
  • Recommended configurationsRecommended configurations for new users
  • Recommendation reasons
    • Features: We recommend that you activate DataWorks Professional Edition. This edition provides services such as DataStudio, Operation Center, DataMap, and Data Quality and can meet your requirements for standard data warehouse building.
    • Resources: We recommend that you purchase exclusive resource groups for Data Integration. You can use this type of resource group to run batch synchronization nodes, real-time synchronization nodes, and data synchronization solutions such as one-time full synchronization and periodical incremental synchronization.

Customer use cases

  • Big Data Center of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC): DataWorks helped achieve centralized management of petabytes of data for SGCC and 27 subordinate provincial and municipal corporations. DataWorks also helped SGCC accelerate the digital transformation and upgrade of business by using the end-to-end governance and monitoring systems for data mid-ends.
  • Mondelēz International (Fortune Global 500): Mondelēz China used DataWorks Data Modeling to perform end-to-end data model governance. This helped Mondelēz China significantly improve the self-service capability of data mid-ends, delegate data-related decision making, and unleash the digital power of the new retail industry.
  • iDreamSky (a listed company): iDreamSky replaced the self-developed scheduling system with DataWorks based on open source EMR, which enabled technical personnel in the company to focus more on business and facilitated digital operations of the gaming industry.
For more information about customer use cases, see Customer user cases.

Development history

Development history of DataWorks within Alibaba Group

Since 2009, DataWorks has been used to build data mid-ends and data governance capabilities within Alibaba Group over multiple technology phases based on big data compute engines such as MaxCompute and Hologres. DataWorks has more than 50,000 daily active users within Alibaba Group. This indicates that one out of three employees in Alibaba Group use DataWorks on average. DataWorks supports over 300 data applications and serves more than 100 business units within Alibaba Group. Development within Alibaba Group

Development history of DataWorks on the cloud

DataWorks was migrated to the cloud in 2015. Since this year, DataWorks has launched services for Alibaba Cloud users based on the big data building methodology accumulated over the years. DataWorks constantly promotes the iteration of service capabilities of end-to-end data governance and is committed to improving data management and enhancing data value by collaborating with customers and partners from various industries and fields. Development on the cloud

Learning path

You can quickly learn the concepts, basic operations, and advanced operations of DataWorks from the documentation homepage of DataWorks. For more information, see Documentation homepage. 1

Support for DataWorks

You can click the link for application or join the DataWorks DingTalk group for pre-sales or after-sales services. If you join the DingTalk group, you can directly contact the DingTalk chatbot or contact on-duty technical personnel. The following figure shows the QR code of the DataWorks DingTalk group. QR code of the DataWorks DingTalk group