You can use MaxCompute, ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, and DataWorks that Alibaba Cloud provides to analyze data, and use Quick BI to present the analysis results.


This topic describes how to use MaxCompute and DataWorks to perform extract, transform, load (ETL) operations on business and log data and synchronize the data to AnalyticDB for MySQL, and then use Quick BI to present the data analysis results.


  • Performs Business Intelligence (BI) analysis for websites, apps, and mini programs in the Internet, e-commerce, and gaming industries.
  • Performs BI analysis for various websites.


The process of using MaxCompute to analyze data and Quick BI to present the analysis results is as follows:
  1. Data Integration synchronizes business and log data to MaxCompute.
  2. MaxCompute and DataWorks perform ETL operations on the data.
  3. MaxCompute and DataWorks synchronize the data analysis results to AnalyticDB for MySQL.
  4. Quick BI obtains the analysis results from AnalyticDB for MySQL and displays the results.


  • With the core capability of quick and real-time data analysis provided by AnalyticDB for MySQL and Quick BI, this solution attracts users to synchronize business and log data to Alibaba Cloud Log Service and AnalyticDB.
  • Log Service used in this solution can be seamlessly integrated with various services, such as Realtime Compute, Elasticsearch, AnalyticDB for MySQL, E-MapReduce, and DataV, enhancing user experience.
  • This solution leverages powerful data processing and analysis capabilities of MaxCompute and AnalyticDB for MySQL, which makes it easier to build big data platforms and compute huge amounts of data. This solution also effectively reduces costs while guaranteeing data security for enterprises.
  • This solution is seamlessly integrated with third-party open-source services. In this way, these third-party services can transmit logs to Log Service without the need to access user applications.


For more information, see Best practice of using MaxCompute to analyze data and Quick BI to present the analysis results.