After you locally develop an extension and register and publish the extension in the DataWorks console, if operations related to the specified extension points are performed in the workspaces where the extension takes effect, DataWorks sends related event messages to the extension, and determines whether to allow the operations to take effect based on the results returned by the extension. This topic describes how to manage extension points in Operation Center to trigger event checking.


The configurations related to OpenEvent messages and extensions are complete.

Background information

DataWorks allows you to receive messages for extension point events. To check extension point events, you can enable extensions that correspond to the extension point events based on the extension points supported by DataWorks. You can also customize the processing logic of extension point events by using extensions. To implement the preceding features, you need to register and enable an extension in the DataWorks console. Enable an extension
  • Only users who have the permissions of a workspace administrator can enable an extension on the Extension configuration page.
  • For more information about extensions, see Overview.
  • DataWorks provides several built-in extensions and allows you to register custom extensions. The built-in extensions shown in the preceding figure are check items provided by Data Governance Center. The check logic is defined by DataWorks, and the extensions are now applicable to only DataStudio. For more information, see Overview.


Operation Center allows you to use local services to receive messages for the following extension point events. You can customize the processing logic of extension point events by registering a local program as a DataWorks extension and using the extension to receive messages. After the extension receives a message, the extension checks the message and calls the UpdateWorkbenchEventResult API operation to send the check result to DataWorks. This implements process control in DataWorks.
  • Node freezing
  • Node unfreezing
  • Data backfill
    • Backfill data for the current node.
    • Backfill data for the current node and its descendant nodes.
    • Backfill data for a large number of nodes.
    • Backfill data in advanced mode.
  • Node undeployment
Note The nodes described here refer to the nodes that are listed on the Cycle Task page of Operation Center in the production environment. If you perform the preceding operations on the nodes in the production environment, the registered extension checks the triggered events. If you perform the preceding operations on the nodes in the development environment or freeze or unfreeze node instances, the extension does not check the triggered events.

Supported extension point events

  • Freeze or unfreeze a node in Operation Center
    The following figure shows how to trigger and view a check on an event that is generated when you freeze a node. Extension point for node freezing
  • Backfill data in Operation CenterExtension point for data backfill
  • Undeploy a node in Operation CenterExtension point for node undeployment