Before you configure a data synchronization solution or node, you can select the feature that you want to use to configure the solution or node based on the types of your data sources. This topic describes the read and write operations supported by different data synchronization features of Data Integration from the data source dimension.

Supported data source types and data read and write operations

Data Integration provides the batch synchronization feature, real-time synchronization feature, and solution-based synchronization feature. You can determine the feature that you need to use to configure a data synchronization solution or node based on the data source types supported by the features.
  • The batch synchronization feature provides Reader and Writer plug-ins for you to read data from and write data to data sources.
  • The real-time synchronization feature allows you to configure a data synchronization node by using different data sources to synchronize incremental data from a single table or all tables in a database in real time.
  • The solution-based synchronization feature provides data synchronization solutions that are used to synchronize data between different data sources in various scenarios, such as batch synchronization of data from all tables in a database, and one-time full synchronization and real-time incremental synchronization.
Note For more information about how to configure a data synchronization solution or node by using the related feature, see Overview of the batch synchronization feature, Overview of the real-time synchronization feature, and Overview of the solution-based synchronization feature.
Data source typeBatch synchronizationReal-time synchronizationSolution-based synchronization
Read data from a single tableWrite data to a single tableRead incremental data from a single tableWrite incremental data to a single tableRead incremental data from all tables in a databaseWrite incremental data of all tables in a database to a destinationRead data from all tables in a database in offline modeWrite data of all tables in a database to a destination in offline modeRead full data at a time and incremental data in real time from a table or all tables in a databaseWrite full data and incremental data of a table or all tables in a database to a destination
Amazon S3 data sourceSupported---------
AnalyticDB for MySQL 2.0 data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---
AnalyticDB for MySQL 3.0 data sourceSupportedSupported-Supported-SupportedSupported--Supported
AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---

ApsaraDB For Oceanbase

ClickHouse data sourceSupportedSupported--------
DataHub data sourceSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported-Supported---Supported
Db2 data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---
DM data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---
DRDS (PolarDB-X) data sourceSupportedSupported--




FTP data sourceSupportedSupported--------






  • HBase Reader: Supported
  • HBase20xsql Reader: Supported
  • HBase Writer: Supported
  • HBase 11xsql Writer: Supported
HDFS data sourceSupportedSupported--------






HybridDB for MySQL data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---
Kafka data sourceSupportedSupportedSupportedSupported-Supported---Supported
KingbaseES data sourceSupportedSupported--------
Lindorm data sourceSupportedSupported--------
LogHub (SLS) data sourceSupportedSupportedSupported-------
MaxCompute data sourceSupportedSupported-Supported-Supported-Supported-Supported
Maxgraph data source-Supported--------
Memcache data source-Supported--------
MetaQ data sourceSupported---------
MongoDB data sourceSupportedSupported--Supported---Supported-
MySQL data sourceSupportedSupportedSupported-Supported-Supported-Supported-
OpenSearch data source-Supported--------
Oracle data sourceSupportedSupported--


OSS data sourceSupportedSupported-----Supported--
OTSStream data sourceSupported---------
PolarDB data sourceSupportedSupportedSupported-Supported-Supported-Supported-
PostgreSQL data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported-Supported-
Redis data source-Supported--------
RestAPI data sourceSupportedSupported--------
SAP HANA data sourceSupportedSupported--------
StarRocks data sourceSupportedSupported--------
Stream data sourceSupportedSupported--------
SQL Server data sourceSupportedSupported----Supported---
Tablestore data sourceSupportedSupported--------
TSDB data source-Supported--------