If a node is scheduled by day, the node is automatically run once at a specified point in time every day. If you create an auto triggered node that is scheduled by day, the node is scheduled to run at 00:00 every day by default. You can change the time based on your business requirements. For example, you can set the time to 13:00.

Configuration example

  • Configuration method

    On the DataStudio page, create a node and go to the configuration tab of the node. Click the Properties tab in the right-side navigation pane. In the General section of the Properties tab, configure the scheduling period for the node.

  • Scenario
    • Configuration details
      • You create an import node, an analytics node, and an export node,
      • and you set the point in time at which the nodes are run every day to 13:00.
      • The analytics node depends on the import node, and the export node depends on the analytics node.
      The following figure shows how to configure a node that is scheduled to run at 13:00 every day.
      Note The corn expression is automatically generated based on the time you select and cannot be changed.
      Schedule a node by day
    • Scheduling details
      The following figure shows that the scheduling system automatically generates and runs instances for the nodes. Generate and run instances
      • The following prerequisites must be met before a node is run:
        • The ancestor node of the node is successfully run.
        • The point in time at which the node is scheduled to run has arrived.
        Both prerequisites must be met and they have no specific chronological order.
      • The default point in time at which the node is scheduled to run is a random time from 00:00 to 00:30.