This topic describes typical scenarios of DataWorks.

Log and big data analysis

  • Improved work efficiency

    DataWorks allows you to synchronize log data to MaxCompute and use SQL statements to analyze and process the log data. This improves your work efficiency.

  • Enhanced storage efficiency

    DataWorks saves the overall costs and improves the performance and stability of storage and computing services.

  • Simplified use of big data

    DataWorks supports multiple open source MaxCompute plug-ins so that you can easily migrate data to the cloud.

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Refined business operations

  • Improved business insights

    With the help of MaxCompute, DataWorks allows you to refine business operations on millions of users.

  • Data-based business

    DataWorks helps you effectively analyze and monitor business data to improve your business efficiency.

  • Quick response to business demands

    DataWorks supports business data analysis so that you can quickly process new business demands.

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Data security management

  • Sensitive data identification

    DataWorks can automatically identify sensitive data and use tags to classify the data based on custom rules.

  • Sensitive data de-identification and presentation

    DataWorks allows you to set data de-identification rules to de-identify the sensitive information during data presentation.

  • Risk monitoring of sensitive data operations

    DataWorks allows you to monitor data distribution, usage, and export in a visualized manner, and customize risk levels for auditing.

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