When users use the DataService Studio service of DataWorks to call data APIs, the API calls are processed by resource groups. This topic describes the definition, types, connectivity, and performance of resource groups. This topic also compares resource groups of different types to help you select the resource groups that best suit your needs.


A resource group provides the computing resources that are needed to make API calls in the DataService Studio of DataWorks. In most cases, a resource group consists of one or more servers that provide CPU, memory, and network resources. Process of API calls: A user initiates an API call. API Gateway receives the request and forwards the request to a server of the DataService Studio service. The request is then forwarded to the destination data source for data query.


Shared resource groups

Shared resource groups are shared by all the users of DataWorks. During peak hours, some users may preempt resources. For more information about shared resource groups, see Use a shared resource group.

Key to resource planning: connectivity and performance

When you use resource groups, you must pay attention to their connectivity and performance.

  • Connectivity

    After an API call is initiated, the API call is first sent to a server of the DataService Studio service and then to the destination data source for data query. Make sure that the resource group that is used to process the API call can access the destination data source and the network on which the data source resides. Before you use DataService Studio, make sure that the resource group is connected to the data source. Otherwise, the API call fails.

  • Performance

    API call nodes consume CPU, memory, and network resources of the servers on which the nodes are run. Insufficient resources may lead to various issues. For example, an exception may occur during an API call, throttling may be imposed on frequent API calls, or query results may not be returned in time. Therefore, you must provide sufficient resources for API calls.

Instructions on resource group configuration

If you use a shared resource group, add the CIDR blocks that are used by Alibaba Cloud services in the specified region to a whitelist of the data source. For more information, see Configure network connectivity between the shared resource group for DataService Studio and a data source.