On the Overview page of the DataWorks console, you can find frequently used workspaces and go to the DataStudio, Data Integration, or DataService Studio page of a workspace to develop data or configure the workspace. You can also view product updates and news on the Overview page.

Log on to the DataWorks console as an organization administrator or by using an Alibaba Cloud account. The Overview page appears.Overview
  • If you log on as a RAM user, and no workspace is created, the system displays a message indicating that you must contact the administrator to obtain permissions related to workspaces. To allow a RAM user to create a workspace, grant the required permissions to the RAM user. For more information, see Grant a RAM user the permissions to perform operations in the DataWorks console and Create a workspace.
  • A RAM user can go to the DataStudio page only after the RAM user is authorized.
  • Workspaces in DataWorks are associated with projects in MaxCompute. For more information, see Project. You can view the MaxCompute project with which a DataWorks workspace is associated in the Computing Engine information section of the Configuration page. For more information, see Configure a workspace.
The Overview page shows the following items:
  • Frequently used workspaces
    The Frequently Used Workspaces section shows the workspaces that you frequently use. You can perform the following operations in this section:
    • Click Configuration next to a workspace to modify the configurations of the workspace, such as the display name or recurrence setting. For more information, see Configure a workspace.
    • Click a module name such as Data Integration, Data Development, or Data Services to go to a specific module to run nodes.
    • Click create Workspace to create a workspace. For more information, see Create a workspace.
    • Click View all workspaces to go to the Workspaces page page and perform the required operations.
  • Regions where DataWorks is activated

    The regions where DataWorks is activated within the current Alibaba Cloud account are displayed. You can click open a new region to activate DataWorks in a new region, view the version details of DataWorks that is activated in the current region, or upgrade the current version.

  • Shortcuts
    • Big data and AI experience pavilion: Click Big data and AI experience pavilion. Then, you can view big data and artificial intelligence (AI) development cases in different scenes. You can also practice big data and AI development in your workspace based on the instructions provided in the DataWorks documentation.
    • DataWorks product monthly: Click DataWorks product monthly. Then, view the monthly feature updates and product activities of DataWorks.
    • New product recommendation: In the New product recommendation section, you can click Learn More that corresponds to the new feature that you want to understand.
    • Recommended products: In the right-side Recommended products section of the page, you can quickly go to the product pages of related Alibaba Cloud services to activate the required services, or go to the related consoles to perform operations.
    • Frequently Asked Questions: The Frequently Asked Questions section in the lower-right corner of the page provides answers to commonly asked questions. You can refer to this section to troubleshoot issues.