On the Event Management page, you can view all events related to slowdown or errors.

Note To use this feature, you must purchase DataWorks Standard Edition or higher.

Go to the Operation Center page. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Alarm > Event Management. On the page that appears, you can search for events by node name, node ID, instance name, or instance ID and set Owner, Detection Time, Event Status, and Event Type to filter events.

In the search result, each event occupies a row and is associated with a node that encounters errors. The worst baseline is the baseline with the minimum margin among the baselines affected by the event.

  • Click View Details in the Actions column of an event. You can view the event occurrence time, alerting time, clearance time, historical operational logs of the node, and detailed node logs.

    You can assign an alert recipient. After you click View Alerts, the alert details page corresponding to the event appears. Affected baselines are all descendant baselines affected by the node associated with the event. You can observe the descendant baselines and the impact on these baselines and analyze node logs to identify the cause of the event.

  • If you click Handle, DataWorks records the event handling operation and pauses alerting for the event when the event is being handled.
  • If you click Ignore, DataWorks keeps the event ignorance record and permanently stops alerting for the event.