This topic describes the FAQ about the DataService Studio service.

Why does DataService Studio fail to access a data store?

The data store is configured with a whitelist. To properly connect DataService Studio to the data store, add the IP addresses of DataService Studio in the corresponding region to the whitelist.
Region CIDR block of DataService Studio Public IP address
China (Beijing),,,,
China (Zhangjiakou) -
China (Shanghai),,,,,
China (Hangzhou),,,,
China (Shenzhen) and,,,
China (Chengdu) -
Japan (Tokyo) -
US (Silicon Valley) -
Singapore, -
China (Hong Kong), -
Germany (Frankfurt) -
Indonesia (Jakarta) -

Why does DataService Studio fail to connect to a user-created database hosted on an ECS instance?

DataService Studio cannot connect to user-created databases hosted on Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances by using an internal endpoint.

Do I need to activate the API Gateway service?

API Gateway provides you with high-performance and highly available API hosting services. If you want to make your API operations available to others, activate the API Gateway service first.

How can I configure a connection?

To configure a connection, follow these steps: Go to the Workspace Management page of the target workspace. On the Workspace Management page, click Data Source in the left-side navigation pane. On the Data Source page, click Add a Connection or Add Connections in the upper-right corner to create and configure one or more connections. DataService Studio automatically reads data from the connections that you have configured.

Does DataService Studio support Lightning connections?

No, DataService Studio currently does not support Lightning connections. To use Lightning data, purchase a Hologres instance.
Note Currently, you cannot create API operations in DataService Studio for Hologres.

What is the difference between the codeless UI and the code editor for creating API operations?

The code editor provides more powerful features. For more information, see Generate API in Script Mode.

What is the role of an API group in DataService Studio? Is it the same as that in API Gateway?

An API group is a set of API operations specific to a feature or scenario. It is the smallest organization unit in DataService Studio, which is similar to an API group in API Gateway. After you publish an API operation created in DataService Studio to API Gateway, API Gateway automatically creates an API group with the same name.

How can I configure an API group appropriately?

Typically, an API group includes API operations that provide similar features or resolve a specific issue. For example, a weather API group can include API operations that are used to check the weather by city and by longitude and latitude.

How many API groups can I create?

You can create a maximum of 100 API groups with an Alibaba Cloud account.

When do I need to enable the pagination feature to display return results on multiple pages?

By default, an API call returns a maximum of 2,000 records. If an API call may return more than 2,000 records, enable the pagination feature. If you do not specify any request parameters, an API call usually returns a large number of records. In this case, the system automatically enables the pagination feature.

Do API operations created in DataService Studio support POST requests?

Currently, API operations created in DataService Studio support GET and POST requests.

Do API operations created in DataService Studio support the HTTPS protocol?

Currently, API operations created in DataService Studio support both HTTP and HTTPS protocols.