DataWorks Data Modeling allows you to plan and formulate data standards before data modeling. You can accumulate the data standards based on your business requirements during data modeling. Constraints are imposed on lookup tables, measurement units, data standards, and naming dictionaries to ensure the consistency of data processing in data modeling and application. This way, data can be produced in a standardized manner and data application and processing costs are reduced.


DataWorks Data Standard allows you to create data standards, lookup tables, measurement units, and naming dictionaries. Data Standard

For example, a registration table and a logon table are created. The registration table contains a member ID column that is specified by the user_id field. The logon table also contains a member ID column that is specified by the userid field. You can create a unified data standard for the member ID columns. For example, you can specify a lookup table for data processing, the attribute requirements for each field (such as the data type, length, and default value of each field), and the measurement unit of data. The data standard can be directly applied to the member ID fields during data modeling. The data standard ensures that all the member ID fields observe the same standard.

For more information about how to create a data standard, see Data standard.