Data development is a process of generating, collecting, storing, analyzing, computing, extracting, presenting, and sharing data.

Data development process
Note As shown in the preceding figure, you can perform the steps in dashed-line boxes in DataWorks.

The data development process involves the following steps:

  1. Generate data: Each business system generates a large amount of structured data every day and stores the data in its own databases, such as MySQL, Oracle, and RDS databases.
  2. Collect and store data: You can synchronize data from business systems to MaxCompute and use the powerful data storage and processing capabilities of MaxCompute to analyze the data.

    The Data Integration service of DataWorks supports various connections. It allows you to synchronize data from business systems to MaxCompute based on the preset recurrence.

  3. Analyze and compute data: After data synchronization, you can create ODPS SQL and ODPS MR nodes to process data in MaxCompute, and create other data analytics nodes to analyze and mine the data for value.
  4. Extract data: You can export data processing and analysis results to business systems for further processing.
  5. Present and share data: After data is extracted, you can present the big data processing and analysis results in multiple ways such as reports or a geographic information system (GIS). You can also share the results with others.