This topic describes the answers to the frequently asked questions about ActionTrail.

How do I retrieve events that record the operations performed by users in DataWorks, such as the operation to download data from the DataWorks console?

DataWorks is integrated with ActionTrail. This allows you to view and retrieve DataWorks behavioral events of your Alibaba Cloud account over the last 90 days in the ActionTrail console. You can use ActrionTrail to deliver the events to a Logstore in Log Service or a specific Object Storage Service (OSS) bucket for monitoring and alerting. This meets the requirements for timely auditing, problem backtracking, and problem analysis. For more information, see Use ActionTrail to query behavior events.

What settings can I configure for important data in advance to trace data leaks?

To protect important data, enable the data watermark feature on the Data Masking page of Data Security Guard so that you can trace the users who may cause the data leaks. For more information, see Customize de-identification rules.

How can I audit permissions that are granted to a MaxCompute table?

Go to Security Center. On the Permission audit tab of the Data access control page, check the members who have the permissions on a table and the validity period of the permissions. You can also revoke the permissions.Audit permissions

How do I restore a deleted node?

You can restore a node that is recently deleted in the Recycle Bin pane in DataStudio. Take note that DataWorks generates a new ID for the restored node.

How do I compare node versions and roll back to an earlier version?

Double-click the node on the DataStudio page. In the right-side pane, click Versions to compare versions and roll back to an earlier version. For more information, see Versions.