DataV provides optimized features such as drag, scale and more.

In the canvas area, you can drag and drop widgets. DataV supports the following features:


  1. Select one or more widgets.
    • To select a widget, click it.
    • To select multiple widgets, hold down Ctrl for Windows or Command for Mac, and click multiple widgets.
    Note In the left-side Layers list, you can use the same method to select one or more widgets.
  2. Hold down the left mouse button to drag and drop.


  1. Select one or multiple widgets, and then rest the pointer over the widget's border.
  2. When the scale icon appears at the lower-right corner of a selected widget, adjust the size of the widget (or widgets) by clicking and dragging the widget’s border. If multiple widgets are selected, the widgets will scale simultaneously in the same direction.


  1. Select one or multiple widgets, and then rest the pointer over the widget's border.
  2. When the rotation icon appears, hold down the left mouse button to rotate widgets.


  1. When multiple widgets are selected, Alignment and Distribution icons are displayed on the right side of the page.
  2. Click the corresponding Alignment or Distribution button based on your needs.

    Alignment methods include Align Top, Align Middle, Align Bottom, Align left, Align Center and Align Right. Automatic distribution methods include Horizontally, Vertical, and Average.

Set opacity

  1. Select a widget. The Style panel appears by default on the right side of the page.
  2. In Basic Attributes, select Others, and set the Opacity of a widget by clicking + or -.

    This function allows you to design a project freely according to your data visualization demands.

Right-click menu

In the left-side Layers list or on the canvas, right-click a widget to select Bring to front, Send to back, Bring forward, Send, Copy, or Delete.

More right-click menu features are available for DataV Enterprise and later editions including Group, Ungroup, Lock, and Hide.

Thumbnail (Enterprise Edition or later)

DataV provides the thumbnail feature in the lower right corner of the canvas. You can use this feature to scale your visualization project.

  1. Adjust the slider, or click + or- under a thumbnail to scale the size of the canvas.
  2. When your project screen exceeds the canvas size, you can drag the highlighted blue border of a thumbnail to locate your project.

  3. In the lower-right corner of a thumbnail, click to turn the thumbnail off or on.

Shortcut keys

Multiple shortcut keys are added in the new version of DataV. They are:
  • Group: Ctrl+G
  • Ungroup: Ctrl+Shift+G
  • Cancel grouping: Ctrl+Z
  • Copy and paste: Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V