DataV and BI dashboards are both data visualization tools.

BI dashboards are usually used to present business metrics, KPIs, and other crucial data for organizations, departments, and teams on a single screen. DataV has the following advantages compared with BI dashboards:
  • Scenario: DataV supports multi-screen collaboration and large-screen merging. It supports 8K and higher resolutions, which makes it ideal for exhibitions, real-time data monitoring, geographic data analysis, and multidimensional data presentations.
  • Display media: DataV projects can be displayed on large screens, televisions, computers, and mobile devices.
  • Visual effects: DataV provides exquisite dynamic visual effects.
  • Customization: DataV allows you to customize widgets based on your business needs.
  • Display of geographic data: DataV provides both 2D and 3D spatial engines to display geographic data on 2D and 3D maps.
  • Support for third-party widgets: DataV integrates a variety of third-party widgets, such as ECharts and Anti-G2. You can find more third-party widgets in the Alibaba Cloud Marketplace.