You can configure a drop-down search box. However, we recommend that you use a selector instead (set the type field to select).

Configuration description

Field Description Data type Required? Remarks
name The name of the control. string No None.
type The type of the control. string Yes None.
default The default value. string No If this field is not specified, the default value is the first item in the range field.
range The value range. array No The value range format can be [{name: "" ,value: ""}], [{key: value}], or [value]. If this field is not specified, the control type changes to text.

Value description

Condition Data type Example Default value
None string "Microsoft Yahei" ""

Configuration examples

Configuration example of a drop-down search box
"search": {
    "name": "Font",
    "type": "search",
    "default": "Microsoft Yahei",
    "range": [
        "Microsoft Yahei": "Microsoft Yahei"
        "SimSun": "SimSun"