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Last Updated:Apr 26, 2023

This topic describes the DataV product. The main advantages of the function.

Graphic Editing Interface

DataV provides a graphical editing page. You can use simple drag-and-drop methods to configure a variety of styles and data. 1..gif

massive amounts of Professionalism Chart widget

DataV supports various types of basic charts and third-party chart libraries such as ECharts and Hanabi to help you build high-level visualization applications. 海量图表_Trim..gif

Multiple industry templates

DataV provides custom data templates for multiple industries such as cloud computing, Internet, transportation, medical care, media, security, industry, education, meteorology, Internet of Things, environment, electricity, and finance. You can easily modify these templates and use them. 1..gif

Smart theme color matching

DataV intelligent analysis the background color, theme color, auxiliary color, and embellishment color to form multiple color schemes by identifying the design draft or image. Modify the theme color of the visualized large screen with one click to quickly change the design style. 智能主题_Trim..gif

Digital big screen one-click beautification

DataV provides the one-click beautification feature. You can quickly adjust the layout of visual applications and use built-in styles to enrich the content of visual applications. This allows you to quickly resolve issues that are difficult to configure the overall style when you design visual applications. 4月25日..gif

Professional-level geographic information visualization Configuration effect

DataV supports geographic information components such as basic flat maps, 3D flat maps, and 3D Earth, as well as rendering effects such as geographic trajectories, grid aggregation, vector scatter points, geographic flying lines, and thermal distribution. This allows you to analyze various types of geographic data. 地球(2)..gif

Connect multiple data sources

DataV supports access to Alibaba Cloud AnalyticDB, ApsaraDB RDS, and localCSV upload fileand online APIs, and supports dynamic requests. 数据源(2)_Trim..gif

Rich official material library

DataV supports a wide range of official material libraries. It also supports the upload management of self-owned design assets, including images, videos, models, and other similar assets. 素材_Trim..gif

Custom 3D Model

Supports the upload and display of custom 3D models, which greatly enriches the 3D expressiveness of the data dashboard. image..png

High security

DataV supports publishing link access and QR code sharing access. You can use passwords and tokens to control access permissions and protect your data privacy. anquan_Trim..gif