After a project is created, you can modify widget data as needed.

Background information

  • The following example demonstrates how to modify the data of a widget that uses a static data source. You can directly paste the prepared data to the static data editor in the Configure Datasource pane. If you want to use a CSV file, a database, or other data sources for your project, add a data source first.
  • If you want to use API as a data source, set the data source type to API. Specifies whether to select operations such as server proxy requests when you configure the API data source. For more information, see Cross-origin data configuration.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. On the Projects tab, select an existing project and click Edit.
  3. In the left-side layer bar, click Select a widget.
  4. In the right-side pane, click the Data tab, and click Set next to Static Data.
  5. In the Set Data Source dialog box, set Data Source Type to Static Data.
  6. In the static data editor, modify the data of the template or paste the prepared data in the JSON format.
    Static data editor
    Note The field names in the data that you configure must be the same as those in the widget settings.

    After the data configuration is complete, you can click the Refresh icon in Data Response Result in the Configure Datasource pane.

    After the data response is returned, the system displays Completed and Matched on the Data tab.

  7. Configure the data of other widgets in your project in the same way.