This topic describes the GCJ-02 coordinate system and the GeoJSON data format used by DataV map widgets. You can obtain the GCJ-02 coordinate of a location on the map.

GCJ-02 coordinate system

DataV map widgets use the GCJ-02 coordinate system. It is developed by the Chinese National Bureau of Surveying and Mapping. GCJ-02 uses an encryption algorithm to encrypt the latitude and longitude of a location by adding random offsets to the latitude and longitude. All maps published in mainland China, including electronic maps, must use GCJ-02 for initial encryption of geographical location data.

GeoJSON data format

DataV map widgets use geographic data in the GeoJSON format.

  • GeoJSON is used to present geospatial information based on JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).
  • You can use the online GeoJSON editor to view or edit geospatial data.

Coordinate picker in Google Maps

Use a coordinate picker in Google Maps to convert a location to a precise GCJ-02 coordinate.

For example, enter Hangzhou, Zhejiang on the left side of the page, right-click West Lake in the map, and select What's here? to obtain the coordinate of West Lake.Coordinate pickerObtain the coordinate of West Lake