You can group multiple widgets to adjust their size, position, opacity, and 3D transformation as a whole and implement widget carousel in the group.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. On the Projects page, click the project that you create.
    If you have not created a project, see Create a project by using a template.
  3. In the Layer pane or on the canvas, select multiple widgets that you want to group.
    Notice If you have not added widgets to the canvas, see Add a widget.

    Press and hold the Ctrl key in Windows or the command key in macOS and click the widgets to select them. You can also drag the pointer on the canvas to select multiple widgets.

  4. Right-click the widgets and select Group, or click the Group icon icon in the lower part of the Layer pane.
  5. After you group the widgets, you can adjust their size, position and opacity as a whole.
  6. On the Settings tab of the widget group, turn on Apply 3D Transformation and configure 3D Transformation settings in Perspective Distance and Perspective Origin. This allows you to present the widgets from different perspectives.
    • 3D Transformation: Click the Horizontal or Vertical icon to horizontally or vertically arrange the widgets in the group. 3D Transformation

      Click the thumbnail of a widget in the group and configure 3D transformation settings of the widget.

      Parameter Description
      Rotation The rotation axis of the widget. Valid values: X Axis, Y Axis, and Z Axis.
      Scale The scale values of the widget in the x axis and y axis. Turn on Scaling Lock to lock the ratio of the x axis and y axis. When you change the scale value on one axis, the scale value of the other axis changes in the same ratio. If you turn off the switch, changes to one axis do not affect the other.
      Translation The distances to move the widget along the x, y, and z axes.
    • Perspective Distance: the perspective distance of the widget when you view the widget from the z axis.
      Note The perspective distance cannot be smaller than 0. Otherwise, the widget disappears from the canvas. Unit: pixels.
    • Perspective Origin: the vanishing point where you look at the widget from a three-dimension space. You can set the position of the vanishing point in the x and y axes. Valid values: 0 to 100%.