This topic describes the features of DataV, such as scenario-specific templates, chart widgets, and various data sources.

Scenario-specific templates

To better design a visualization project, you must have a keen eye for how to clearly demonstrate the structural hierarchy and the relationship between various data sources on a single dashboard, in addition to presenting various charts. This requires the integrated application of colors, layouts, and charts. DataV offers templates for various scenarios, such as control centers, geographic analysis, real-time monitoring, reporting, and presentation. It enables you to create visualization projects with sophisticated design that are typically impossible without the help of professional designers.DataV scenario-specific templates

Rich visualization widget libraries

DataV allows you to overlay geographic data and plot effects such as geographic trajectories, geographic flying lines, heat maps, regional chunks, 3D maps, and 3D globes. Special-shaped charts such as topological charts and tree charts are also provided.

Various data sources

DataV supports a multitude of data sources, such as AnalyticDB for MySQL, AnalyticDB for PostgreSQL, ApsaraDB RDS for MySQL, ApsaraDB RDS for PostgreSQL, ApsaraDB RDS for SQL Server, local CSV files, and online APIs. In addition, DataV can send requests to data sources dynamically. DataV unleashes the full potential of real-time computing and monitoring of big data to suit your needs.DataV data sources

User-friendly interfaces

DataV requires minimal programming skills and allows you to create professional visualization projects with simple drag-and-drop operations.
Figure 1. Operations for a DataV project
Operations for a DataV project
Figure 2. Configuration example for a DataV project
Configuration example for a DataV project

Multiple resolutions and publish methods

DataV provides multiple resolutions to support multi-screen collaboration and screen splicing. Your visualization projects can be published and shared with others who have not purchased DataV.Publish a DataV project