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DataV:CompVersion Overview

Last Updated:Sep 27, 2022

DataV product is divided into three versions. Enterprise Edition is the most basic version. It provides drag-and-drop canvases, hundreds of components and templates, and provides features such as blueprint editor, intelligent color matching, one-click beautification, and graph generation. It helps you easily build visual applications that meet your interactive needs. This topic describes the features of the Enterprise Edition. For more information, see Feature CompVersion.

Recommended suggestions

If your data interaction is relatively simple, we recommend that you select an entry-level Enterprise Edition that can use the Blueprint Editor feature. For more information about advanced features such as 3D components and advanced interactive components, see Feature DevVersion.

Feature Overview

The following table describes the features of DataV Enterprise Edition.


DataV Enterprise Edition supports only two workspaces and 20 visualization applications. One workspace is equivalent to a new console, which can be assigned to different developers to create their own visualization applications. Data is isolated between different workspaces, and their own data sources can be configured. The total number of projects that are created in all workspaces cannot exceed the maximum number of projects that are allowed in the edition that is purchased. If you want to create more than 20 visualization applications, you can purchase an extension package. At the same time, after you create a visualization application, you can copy and accept the visualization application.


Example: If developer A creates 15 visualization applications, developer B can only create a maximum of five visualization applications without purchasing an extension package. However, the data between the visualization applications developed by developers A and B does not affect each other. If you need to create more visualization applications, you can purchase an extension package.

Editing of projects

DataV visualized application editing can use basic templates (excluding three-dimensional templates). It supports intelligent image recognition, mobile terminal editor, AI Design assistance, public release, encrypted release, and dynamic token authentication. It also supports 20 widgets and widget groups.

Visualization widgets

The visualization components that can be used in the Enterprise Edition include the General Chart component, BI analysis component, 2D flat map component, design materials, the number of custom components (3), design asset management (5GB capacity for asset upload), ECharts component, and custom component development tools. You can configure the components to complete your big screen design.

Data access

DataV supports the following data sources: AnalyticDB for MySQL, RDS for MySQL, MySQL-compatible databases, RDS for PostgreSQL, RDS for SQLServer, CSV files, DataV data proxy service, APIs, static JSON, OpenAPI, Object Storage Service (OSS), Log Service, Table Store, Oracle, Alibaba Cloud API Gateway, real-time business monitoring, Interactive Analytics Hologres, Elastic Search, Blockchain as a Service, Yida data source plus APIs, PolarDB for MySQL, PolarDB for PostgreSQL, PolarDB for Oracle, OceanBase for MySQL, and datasets.

Interactive development

DataV Enterprise Edition supports callback IDs, callback ID variable binding, blueprint editor, and interactive components.

Advanced features

DataV Enterprise Edition supports four advanced features: component grouping, hiding, locking, and in-group carousel.

Billing method

DataV Enterprise supports monthly and yearly purchases.