This topic describes how to edit a data source. After you add a data source, you can edit the content of the data source based on your display requirements.

We recommend that you edit a data source on the canvas editor page. You can also configure data mapping, add a filter, and set the automatic data update time on this page. For more information, see Data mapping, Add a filter, and Automatic update.


  1. Log on to the DataV console.
  2. Create a project. For more information, see Create a project by using a template.
  3. Click a widget in the canvas.
  4. In the right-side configuration pane, click the Data tab and then Set.Configure a data source
  5. In the Set Data Source pane, select a required data source from the Data Source Type drop-down list.Change the data source type
  6. Edit the data source content as shown in the example.Data source example

Data mapping

In most cases, the system can automatically match categories with values of a data source. For complex data types, you must manually enter the fields to complete data mapping.

After data mapping is complete, the system displays Matched.Data source matched

Add a filter

You can add a filter for a data source to display data clearly. For more information, see Use the data filter.

Clear Data Filter to disable the filter feature.Data filter

Automatic update

You can use the automatic update feature to automatically update data. You can also manually enter the time interval for data update.

Clear Auto Data Request to disable the automatic update feature.Automatic update