Data visualizations do not display properly if the following conditions apply:
  • You are using a full-HD Retina display.
  • You have updated the latest version of Google Chrome on macOS.
  • You use DataV to edit projects that use a map widget.


This firmware issue occurs because the latest macOS version of Google Chrome (version: 66.0.3359.31) has a bug. Due to this bug, frame rates as slow as 8 FPS and display lag may occur in many cases, and CPU consumption increases to full capacity while rendering projects on a canvas.


This issue has been reported to the Google Chrome development team. A new version is expected to be released soon that will rectify this firmware issue. To continue using DataV properly, we recommend that you consider the following workarounds:
  • Use Google Chrome 57 or a later version (excluding the latest version) for macOS.
  • Use another web browser such as Safari on macOS, or temporarily switch to using Chrome or another browser on Windows.