Before you manage workspace members, you must create one or more RAM users.


  1. Log on to the RAM console by using an Alibaba Cloud account.
  2. In the left-side navigation pane, choose Identities > Users.
  3. On the Users page, click Create User.
  4. In the User Account Information section of the Create User page, configure the Logon Name and Display Name parameters.
    Note You can click Add User to create multiple RAM users at a time.
  5. In the Access Mode section, select an access mode.
    • Console Access: If you select this option, you must complete the logon security settings. These settings specify whether to use a system-generated or custom logon password, whether the password must be reset upon the next logon, and whether to enable multi-factor authentication (MFA).
      Note If you select Custom Logon Password in the Console Password section, you must specify a password. The password must meet the complexity requirements. For more information about the complexity requirements, see Configure a password policy for RAM users.
    • OpenAPI Access: If you select this option, an AccessKey pair is automatically created for the RAM user. The RAM user can call API operations or use other development tools to access Alibaba Cloud resources.
    Note To ensure the security of the Alibaba Cloud account, we recommend that you select only one access mode for the RAM user. This prevents the RAM user from using an AccessKey pair to access Alibaba Cloud resources after the RAM user leaves the organization.
  6. Click OK.
  7. Repeat the preceding steps to create more RAM users, and go to the Users page to view the RAM users that you created.
  8. After you create RAM users, you can find the created RAM users and configure their permissions in the Members section on the Workspace management page in the DataV console. For more information, see Configure workspaces.