This topic describes how to configure workspaces, including their basic information and members. In this way, you can manage different projects and member permissions of workspaces.

To view and configure the basic information of a workspace, click the workspace in the left-side workspace list on the Workspaces page.

Configure a workspace

Configure basic information

In the Basic Information section, you can modify the values of the Project Quota and Favorite Quota parameters. The value of each parameter cannot exceed that of the Left Quota parameter corresponding to them.

Manage workspace members

In the Members section, you can manage the member permissions described in the following table.

Workspace member permissions
  • Administrator: Select the RAM user account to be added from the Administrator drop-down list and click Add.
    Notice If the list has no RAM user accounts, click RAM Console on the right of Members to go to the RAM console and create RAM user accounts. For more information, see Create RAM user accounts.
    Add members to a workspace
  • Developer: Select the RAM user account to be added from the Developer drop-down list and click Add.
Note To delete an existing workspace member, find the member from the member list and click the Delete icon.