This topic describes FAQ about component configuration items.

What is the relationship between the data series and the style series?

  • Data series
    Many basic two-dimensional widgets, such as line charts and bar charts, support multiple series display. You only need to configure different s fields on the Data tab of the configuration panel. Configure the s field
  • configuration items Series

    Multi-series widgets (such as line charts and bar charts) are supported. Generally, data series widgets are configuration items on the Configuration tab.

    This field is used to define an array of styles and cyclically render different data series. As shown in the following figure, two series are defined. The widget uses the styles that are specified in ['Series 1','Series 2'] to render the s field for data in cycles. Configuration Series
  • Common Mistakes
    • The Series Name field is set to the name of the specified style, and also used as the legend name of the corresponding chart. If Series Name is empty, the legend name is set to the value of the s field specified for the target data series.
      Figure 1. Series name is not empty
      The series name is displayed in the legend name
      Figure 2. The series name is empty.
      When the series name is empty
    • The series in the configuration items and the series in the data do not correspond to each other according to the name, but are styled according to the appearance order of different series.
      For example, if the configuration items series is [Series 1, Series 2, Series 3], the mapped data is [{s1: Series 1 Style}, {s2: Series 2 Style}, {s3: Series 3 Style}, {s4: Series 1 Style}, and {s5: Series 2 Style}].
      Note In the example, s1, s2, s3, s4, and s5 correspond to the appearance order of s fields in the data.
    • If you have a fixed data series style requirement (for example, s2 must be red and s1 must be blue), you can sort the data in a filter or data source after the series style is configured.
      For example, if the configuration items series is [red, blue], the appearance order of data can be changed to [{"s":"2"},{"s":"1"}]. Sort configuration items series data

How can I configure the widget interaction function?

The widget interaction function is currently being tested. For more information, see Widget interaction.

How can I filter data by passing parameters into a URL?

You can define your variables in SQL by using :dot-id, for example, select car_speed, car_color, car_name from table where car_ID = :dot-id.

You can also pass these variables into a URL to filter the returned data, for example,

Why is the component not modified to render after the callback ID is changed?

  • The callback ID of the test component on the edit page.

    Cause: The widget on the edit page cannot obtain the callback value returned by other widgets.

    Solution: Pass in the default value in the URL and test the component on the edit page.

    For example, xxxx/admin/screen/123456?value=123&name=12345

  • The callback ID of the test component on the preview or publish page.

    on the preview /release page, open the network in the browser console (windows system uses shortcut keys to F12 ,mac system uses option+command+i ), search for the multiple, and check whether the component has initiated a request after the callback is changed.

    • If the search result is empty, the widget has not requested the Callback ID parameter. You must check the callback configuration.
    • If the search results is not empty, the component initiates a request. Check whether the parameters carried in the request are correct callback parameters and whether the request returns 200 (the Status in the following figure is 200). Status is 200

      If the request is not returned normally, you must check the connection status of the data source.

  • If the ticker board widget returns data without changing the rendering of the widget, check whether Data Jitter Correction is selected in the widget configuration items.

    If Data Correction is selected and the specified value is smaller than the current value, the widget does not change rendering.

    If your data is fluctuating and real-time data rendering is required, do not select Data Correction.