Add a map widget and child widgets

  1. On the project editor page, choose Maps > Basic Flat Map.
  2. On the Configuration pane, delete all the child widgets except the basemap layer widget.
  3. Add the isosurface layer widget.

    You can click + next to Child Management, select Isosurface Layer, and click Add Child Widget.

  4. Click Global Options and adjust the size of the map.

    You can drag the slider or enter a value to adjust the map size and display area.

Add a timeline

Choose Interact > Timeline to add a timeline to the map.

Add a title for the map

Choose Text > Title to add a title to the map.

Adjust the layers and position

After adding the widgets, you can:
  • Adjust the sequence of the layers, select a layer, and change the title of a layer on the Layers pane.
  • Adjust the size and position of the widgets on the Configuration pane.

    You can also select a widget and drag the widget on the canvas to adjust its position.