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DataV:FAQ about billing

Last Updated:Apr 26, 2023

This topic describes the FAQ about DataV billing methods.

After the version expires, can you help extend it?

We recommend that you renew the instance before the instance expires. If the instance expires, the instance cannot be extended. After the account expires, you cannot log on to the console to renew the product, but you can purchase the product again. After the DataV instance expires, the instance is released immediately. You can no longer access the published visual applications. However, the saved visualization project and other production content are retained for 15 days. During this period, you can purchase DataV again at any time and continue your previous work.

How do I upgrade DataV Professional Edition for one month under a renewed Enterprise Edition account? Can I use both editions at the same time?

If you want to upgrade a DataV instance to a DataV instance of the Professional Edition for one month, you cannot upgrade the DataV instance to the Professional Edition for one month. For more information, see Activate DataV.