The earth layer is a component of the 3D globe widget. You can configure the style of the map and atmosphere layer. This topic describes the configuration items of the earth layer.

Click Earth Layer under Components. The Settings tab of Earth Layer appears.
Note If Components does not contain Earth Layer, add the Earth Layer component. For more information, see 3D globe.


Settings tab of an earth layer
  • Search for Configurations: In the right-side panel of Canvas Editor, click the Settings tab, and click Search for Configurations in the upper-right corner. Enter the required configuration item in the search box, and click the search icon to quickly locate the configuration item. Fuzzy match is supported. For more information, see Search for widget configuration items.
  • Earth: the style of the map.

    Map Type: the type of the map, which determines the style of the map. Valid values: Terrain, Satellite, Particle, Administrative Regions, and Customization. You can configure Scale, Asperity Degree, Map Color, Floodlight Color, and Highlight Color for each map type.

  • Atmosphere Layer: the style of the atmosphere layer.
    Parameter Description
    Show Atmosphere Specifies whether to show the atmosphere layer.
    Color The color of the atmosphere layer.
    Scale The ratio of the atmosphere layer to the radius of the 3D globe. The larger the scale value, the larger the atmosphere layer. If the scale value is 1, the atmosphere overlaps the globe surface. Valid values: 0.9 to 1.5.


This component does not support data configuration.


This component does not support interaction events.

Interaction configuration in the blueprint editor

  1. In the canvas editor of the 3D globe widget, click the Add to Blueprint Editor icon next to Earth Layer under Components.
  2. Click the Blueprint Editor icon icon in the upper-left corner of the page.
  3. In the blueprint editor, click Earth Layer in the Added Nodes pane. You can configure parameters of the earth layer on the canvas.Earth layer parameters in the blueprint editor
    • Event: The earth layer does not support events.
    • Actions
      Action Description
      Show This action shows the component and does not need parameter input.
      Hide This action hides the component and does not need parameter input.