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Database Gateway - Deprecated:What is Database Gateway?

Last Updated:Jul 26, 2023

Database Gateway is a database connection service for remote access to on-premises databases or databases that are hosted on third-party clouds. Database Gateway allows you to connect these databases to Alibaba Cloud in a secure manner at a low cost. You can also integrate Database Gateway with other Alibaba Cloud services, such as Data Transmission Service (DTS), Database Backup (DBS), and Data Management (DMS).

User guide

If you are using Database Gateway for the first time, perform the following steps to get started:

  1. Before you begin

  2. Create a database gateway

  3. Add databases

Why Database Gateway

Database Gateway is a database connection service that is secure and cost-effective. It allows you to connect an on-premises database or a database that is hosted on a third-party cloud to Alibaba Cloud in a secure manner at a low cost. Database Gateway provides the following benefits:

  • Security and reliability: Database Gateway does not expose the IP addresses of databases to ensure the security and stability of your data assets. When an on-premises gateway is started, Database Gateway generates a temporary token and sends the token to the server for verification over an encrypted link. This way, only the current user can use the gateway. The token expires within 15 minutes and can be verified only once.

  • Ease of use: Database Gateway allows you to connect an on-premises database to Alibaba Cloud without configuring complex networks and routings.

  • Cost-effectiveness: Database Gateway provides free connection from databases to Alibaba Cloud. You do not need to purchase an Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instance, a virtual private cloud (VPC), or an Express Connect circuit. You can run the proxy gateway on a machine that has available memory. In terms of data transmission, Database Gateway compresses data before it transmits data over the Internet. This reduces network costs.

  • Ecosystem integration: You can integrate Database Gateway with other database services to enable an ecosystem across cloud services and between on-premises and cloud databases that provides diverse capabilities, such as database migration, disaster recovery, cross-database joining, data analysis, and data security. This ensures the consistency of cloud databases.

For more information, see Benefits and Scenarios.

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DTS is a real-time data streaming service. DTS supports data transmission between data sources such as relational databases, NoSQL databases, and online analytical processing (OLAP) databases. DTS provides the data synchronization, data migration, change tracking, data integration, and data processing features. Database Gateway works with DTS to connect on-premises databases or databases on third-party clouds to Alibaba Cloud at a low cost. After a database is connected, you can use the database as the source or destination database of a data migration task, data synchronization task, or change tracking task in DTS.


DBS is a cost-effective and highly reliable one-stop data backup and restoration service provided by Alibaba Cloud. DBS supports data restoration in seconds and works with Data Lake Analytics to support queries of backup sets. DBS provides enterprise-level data backup capabilities in a hybrid cloud environment for databases in data centers, private clouds, and public clouds of one or more cloud providers. DBS allows you to use Database Gateway to back up on-premises databases or databases in private networks of a third-party cloud to Alibaba Cloud at a low cost. After the databases are backed up, you can specify the databases as source databases.


DMS is a one-stop data management platform that allows you to manage data throughout its lifecycle. You can use DMS to manage global data assets, govern data, design and develop databases, integrate data, develop data, and consume data. These features help enterprises mine value from data in an efficient and secure manner and help enterprises undergo digital transformation. Database Gateway works with DMS to provide a stable, low-cost, and centralized common management solution for non-Alibaba Cloud databases, such as self-managed databases in on-premises data centers, cloud databases of third-party providers, and self-managed database instances of third-party providers.